grim awareness
sometimes visions of total emptiness
state infused intoxications
climb up their grim stares
acknowledge the courage of some
to break the cycle of dickheaded, scum infested violence

beauty in the streets?
sometimes visions of emptiness
a short breath behind walls
set-up light headedly yet
cautiously and with our own hands.
A short breath to the next deed
powered by the need to breathe
and to smash these grim stares
what a desert
what an assembly
of homeless, alternative lifestyles
and free transport
no rescue but disobedience
face to face with this
grim awareness
this domesticated nightmare
of our dreams, waking hours, fantasies.
Sometimes visions of emptiness
rescue for all our
isolated traumas
getting sick of technology, cyborg identity
all made by machines made by humans made by social, violent
orgasms of hierarchies
made by the illusion of a central identity