To Everone Who’s Still Here

barricade instructions


Forgive us our trespasses
but I’ll have you know,
we will never forget nor forgive.

Sabs, travellers, libertarians, children,
all outragers, anarchists, entertainers
we’ll know how to fist you
it’s sheer necessity, faces fit for fists
friends and family
repressed, rampant libertines
who are all over the place
with their voices, the weight of their bodies
a myriad of torsos breaking free
from their solitary traumas

unlicensed fun
has been made illegal
in dreams underwater.
Polyamory tango – who’s dancing now?

Rampant, ungovernable fantasies of
And your strategies of a state propaganda
of feral inferiorities
among us.

Living close to no possessions.
Living closer
pressing torso against forehead
flashing breasts in Nippletopia
dazzling brother dazzling sister
strong phrases – inverted stereotypes
repeating: I wanne be a cyborg
I want to be a cyborg
I totally want to be a cyborg, too

Whether you are
a negative or positive muse,
doesn’t matter
darkness and trauma claims
ALL of us simultaneously
we are simultaneously free and easy
around here it’s easy to be punk
around here
free food, free things to be found in the streets
only our ideals seem to come by unimaginable
exchange values exchange views
hitchhiking punks travelling from pole to pole instead of wires
we make oral and digital history instead of
intellectual property

is this new or is this old?
Who the fuck really cares?

Embedded in this heavy,
stinky, slowly moving
contexture of progress
or decay,
there is nothing
I couldn’t see the joke in,
and working for one more light headed,
heavy booted barricade
between us and them
you and me.


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