This poem is called: We Need to Create More Jobs and Grant more Credits or Nihilism


Violence and excess and instant satisfaction
Civilized, violent excess and instant gratification

instant like
instant friend
instant orgasmic satisfaction
make profit with a fair trade coffee
make profit with anger and disappointment
buy your rights to contaminate

And now throw your vegan cream pie!
Eat up! The next course consists of
violent antagonism.

I don’t want to incite or excite
the angry masses
I’m in trance!!!!
just like everyone else

but I don’t want to be fragmented and
self-conscious all the fucking time
I don’t want to be who I am
I don’t want to create a new outfit or go
in and find out, or just do it or enjoy
or get out of bed every day to numb my brain
I want to live

I’m not here to conceptualise
to fold, prop and put together
fill up, write off or stack up.


I guessed and I brooded and I meditated.
I let it sink.

When I thought I knew for sure
people told me to grow up
and find a job!
And sometimes I even
tell myself to grow up and find a job!

In Qatar they imprisoned
Muhammad al-Ajami
he’s a poet, the sentence: lifelong
for insulting the elitist leaders.
He is going to appeal.

He wrote:
“We are all Tunisia in the face of repressive elites!”
he wrote
“The Arab governments and who rules them are,
without exception, thieves. Thieves!”
When later interviewed in prison he said,
“The emir is a good man,”
“I think he doesn’t know that they have me here
for a year,
that they have put me in a single room.”

And that’s where the United Nations meet
to talk about collateral corpses and
contaminated air and where
third world countries
plead for overdue deals
and a million treaties
and they say that
“atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions
rose by about three percent last year.“

They call it Climate Change Summit
but it’s the whole and a part of the whole
and the whole altogether. A fucking gain
and you know it, it’s micro and macro
and the whole fucking problem.
It’s dealing with a ruin, inherently ruining ANY deal.

This poet also said, which I read on Al Jazeera:
“You can’t have Al Jazeera in this country
and put me in jail for being a poet.” At the same time!
Well too bad brother ‘cos Al Jazeera’s new chief
is a member of the Qatari royal family.

It’s violence and excess and instant satisfaction
It’s civilized, violent excess and instant gratification

all the symbols are escaping me
been there before in some kind of form,
and if not they’ll be there again.
I eat them and shit them
and nothing is genuine.
All dead like this, anything else I could say
was to be a symbol again

and when I hear about, when I read about
when I see people sing about
it means just about nothing.

All is dead and assembled, commodified.
fuck, really everything
maybe only apart from this poem,
they tell me it’s a penniless genre
and I tell them: Good! And fuck them!


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