Fat and Lazy

fat and lazy
we have become fat and lazy
wasting all the beautiful energy
on losing weight?
on losing it!

we are fat and lazy beings,
too short sighted to become
anything more than trimmed and groomed
so that we can slip on a jogging suit.

an old pal told me:
taste is bourgeois.
and while I’m at it
health is bourgeois, too
it’s fucking outdated, it’s nothing but convenience
in an age of affordable beauty
we rather shave our skulls and wear no hats!

I’ll die before it gets worse
a million deaths less meaningful than
my first leak in the morning
my last meshed up thoughts before
passing out

passed out,
nothing else remains, !
don’t you let your fat and your lazy lure you into
the eventful, eventual excess

of social rupture,
of social suicides because of forsaken strategies,
because of blind statistics and missing elements.

coming from another space than planet fat and lazy
I never accepted ignorance for alternatives
while altering the ingrained narrative,
awakening the native, the genuine, the orignal
just to quickly copy and ransack it!

tomorrow I’ll keep on dying the many deaths
we all die with every splash of a news flash
looking into faces of
mighty, noble survivalists
while passing a bottle or a spliff,
thinking about all the pigeonholed,
the crossed out
and forgotten

who are always happy to be remembered
to make memory
to make a constant and a passing moment.

This is more than the other
and beyond any conceivable law

some pieces that went missing on the front line
have edges as blunt and open
as my caring friend, irony.

Utrecht, April 2012
performed 26th April at Deadbeat Society