Thin Walls

Dedicated to Marthe

Surrounded with thin walls
literally as figuratively
the getting closer to one another
is forced upon the inhabitants
avoiding your eyes,
avoiding your self
or the other
becomes an almost impossible task

loud music, slammed doors
are no long-lasting remedies
for all the pains that come with it
that come with dialogue
that come with muted sentiments
for all the pleasure
and all the affection
that comes with those very thin walls

knocking, shouting, coughing
no one can be as close as this
you might even hear a loud fart
set the clock, turn up the volume
plug up your ears
or let it all in
and smile
while falling asleep

Utrecht, Summer 2010


Im Stuhl drehen

Funktionierende Geisteszustände sind für heute
nicht mehr erhältlich
versuchen sie es vielleicht morgen
noch einmal
einen Versuch ist es immer wert

Heute Abend kann man sich nurnoch
still im Stuhl drehen
vor sich hin schauen
den Mäusen beim krabbeln zuhören
den eigenen Hirnübungen
nicht zuviel Aufmerksamkeit
dann weiter
das Licht knipsen
erst aus
dann ein
dann das Tageslicht verteufeln und
darauf warten es wieder aufs Neue
ausprobieren zu dürfen
nach unzähligen Nächten
schlaflos, schlafträchtig
unausgedrückt schwerwiegend

Utrecht, Spring 2011

One Thing to Rely on

Every day is like a big joke.

switch through channels:
a ludicrous phantom of the real
a ludicrous segment of the real
lift limbs, walk up this or that path
suck in another shadow of the real
a shake of the head,
hair distorting the view
take another step and look up
try to learn how to laugh today.

Every stage every shot every set
of your own life
is like a big joke
frowning noisily instead of laughing,
scaring the animals away
soap dispensers with motion detectors!
the great machinery of the human mind
the great machinery of a big bowl full
with the same old joke. Every day the same
joke. Try and learn to laugh somehow.

Today I made it all disappear but scared
by accident myself away. Not so much
by mishap. It’s a tragedy, a bummer
to scare yourself away like that
day after day.

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First thing in the morning
touching thin paper reading
headlines moving index finger
slightly on repeat
first thing in the morning
staring into tied, tight looking
faces polished or brave
or bereft of their substance
first thing in the morning
reading reality absorbing
a message which will mend
its way along lines of
sunny weather clouds here and
there bombs and oil leaks and clubs
hitting debts rising
first thing in the morning
murder, treason, genocide,
collateral corpses, fire, NEWS FLASH
first thing in the morning?
Dumb and numb and deaf
and toothless, lacking tongue
lacking spine or the ability
of erasing a habit and renewing
a perspective, a way of looking at
then acting on what’s happening
not only on thin paper and through
moving your index finger.

Cologne, July 2011

Liberty Sucks

We are witnessing a melt down of
glowing sentiments
glowing transformations
oozing over a generation
of overfed and starving apes

we are witnessing a melt down
of responsibility, freedom, purpose.
Big words for this lost generation!

We are witnessing a melt down of
glowing illusions
glowing visions buried under
radioactive pulp

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