One kind of Love

Romantic love
the one, the only!
which comes and goes
which changes and adjusts
a life time or
stays dusty and dogmatic all
those years filled with
romance with secrete encounters
and lust and desire and a deep
connection an inner peace an
inexorable play of copulation

filled with all those dirty words
flying through a thought
halting on dirty blankets
lying awake 7am
in the morning cotton on
naked skin a body next
to you. Unconsciously moving
subconsciously dreaming
all filled up with romance while
still feeling

Those rare moments of
thinking: naked, covered,
alone, private, secretly thinking.
All filled up all set all ready
to take anything on
that needs to be taken on
the next lover or
another who needs
to be taken over

but hey,
let yourself fall
all filled up like this
there’s really nothing to
lose but an ass full of romance
and a smelly bouquet of pleasure fulfilment

Cologne, June 2011


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