American, German, Dutch relations

How much time did it take
to write this?
less than three seconds
the time slows down
the alpha male found its place
standing up
four metres tall
holding all the women in his hands
crushing French squares
crushing broken hearts
again and again and again
crushing ideals
the alpha male dog

punches French squares
punches slaps gags them sweet
alpha male dreams of
whisky soaked fantasies
of more foreign liquor
brought to him by strangers

nobody helps him
huge pupils huge asses huge
pure high spirited bottles
“I never wanted to go to PARIS”
coughing up coarse vomit
prostitute MESH UP

nicknames fucking appropriate to every end
noir desires for all of us
making fun of all those who ask for it
money is all we never needed
but who kept on telling us about
more fantasies
at the other end?

the French way drinks straight from the bottle
the alpha male can take it

don’t ever play games
where other people talk for you
other people talking for you
spitting their words into your mouth
“it’s a romance” I’m telling you
one day somebody will hitchhike for you
but it wont be me

connections break down
you’ll never find the ultimate song
friend end society token gun
pull all them triggers
until it spits right back into your face!

just don’t write songs about peace
and make too much money with it
don’t get too famous with it

but try and pass school somehow
be a working class hero
continue the fight
until they shoot you down
don’t tell them about the rules

drunken fantasies will continue to pull
you down
between torn blankets

January or March 2011, Utrecht


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